I am a religious liberal grounded in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, bound by covenantal commitment to affirm and promote seven principles. I value intellectual credibility and cultural engagement, and recognize that theological orientations ought to be examined and adjusted again and again, so I maintain a standpoint of exploration and reject the standpoints of certitude and self-assurance.

My theological orientation is panentheism.  I see the primary aim of the religious life as living well in right relationship with self, others, and the earth. I am a mystic, and hold all life as sacred. I see the human condition as tragic. I reject moral dualism and accept we are all capable of creating both great good and great evil. Pain, suffering and death are inevitable. Yet we have moral agency. We each have the power to choose our response to tragedy and have the capacity to mitigate the suffering of others if we care enough to do so.

For me, living well means being fully human, enduring distress, celebrating, and living a life of moral engagement, in service to core values like compassion, respect, responsibility, fairness and honesty. Living well also means living in the hope that humanity can create beauty, give love, and build peace, and finding joy in the work to realize these hopes. I see voluntary association in religious community as a vital way to realize hope, experience joy, and live a life that matters.

With regards to religious diversity, I celebrate theological pluralism. I believe there are many valid spiritual paths and possibly just as many spiritual destinations. I deal with pluralism by educating others about the meaning and importance of pluralism, creating opportunities for respectful dialogue among people with diverse theologies, and modeling open mindedness and humble self-examination.